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When the Rotary Club of Meaford received its charter in 1937, having been sponsored by the Owen Sound club, there were 20 founding members. The first meetings were held at member's homes or their place of business. In 1938 noon meetings were started at the Blue Motor Hotel with meals costing 40 cents.

In the year that followed the founding of the Meaford club, Rotarians there continued the pattern by sponsoring clubs in Thornbury-Clarksburg and Markdale.

In 1939 the Meaford club held its first children's Christmas party with each underprivileged child receiving a gift valued at $1. The party was judged a huge success.

During the Second World War, the club undertook the sale of Victory Bonds for the area. Club members also helped out on area farms since many young farmers were serving in the military. The club raised money to send packages to the soldiers overseas.

Over the years since that time the Meaford club has been involved in a wide variety of worthy causes. Some of these include financial support for the arena and artificial ice installation, support to the Food Bank, funds for the expanding Meaford hospital, assistance to the Meaford Curling club, taking a lead role for the purchase and operation of a handi-van and support for the building of a skateboard park. Annually the Club provides continuing support to our schools through scholarships and bursaries plus direct support to school programs.  Our community also has a new entrance to our harbour leading to the Rotary Pavilion both items built and funded by Rotarians.

Now the Meaford Rotary club has 24 members to help with the many projects locally and internationally that we support for the good of the respective communities.